About Us

We aim to provide the best dark roast coffees for those dedicated to flavor who believe it is essential that their first cup of coffee be the kick start of their unpredictable day.

2XStrong, 2XGOOD

2XStrong Coffee

All coffee is roast to order and orders are continually processed so you're getting fresh roasted coffee right at its peak of flavor.

After three surgeries to repair full ACL/MCL tears, an open heart surgery to repair a Coronary Artery Anomaly, the #2 leading medical cause of sudden cardiac death in young athletes, Coffee, as for many of us, became the support system to push me forward daily.

Our coffee's use beans from Africa, Central and South America, Kintamani, Bali, Indonesia, Kenya, Tanzania and Ethiopia

2XStrong Coffee is a Pittsburgh, born and raised, family owned business.